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Why Us

Features & Benefits

Adult & Juvenile Programs
12 / 26 / 52 Week Programs
Misdemeanor & Felony Programs
Offense Specific Educational Programs
Monitoring (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
Propensity & Needs Testing
Pre–Trial Evaluation / Assessment
Pre–Trial Diversion / Plea Bargain
Condition of Court Sanctions / Reduce Fines
Individual Counseling Sessions
Employment / Job Assitance
Educational, Military Assistance 
First & Repeat Offenders
Psychological Assessment
Children’s Court Referrals
Progress Reports
Probation Progress Reports
Pre-trial Reports / Final Written Reports

Relationship Assistance
Behavioral Modification Counseling (CBT)
Convenient Appointment Schedules
Ongoing Support
Off-site Assessment / Incarcerated Clients
Spanish, Armenian & Farsi Programs / Translator
Payment Plans Available / Ability to pay
Bus, Rail, &  Free Parking
Assistance can be provided, based upon program results, regarding employment, educational, and military enlistment.

Questions & Answers

Q. Do I need an attorney?
A. Being charged with a misdemeanor or felony offense is serious and should not be taken lightly. Convictions and guilty pleas can have serious and long-term effects on your future. Offenses can carry possible jail time, substantial fines, probation, treatment programs, and many other consequences. Hiring a private criminal defense attorney as soon as possible following your arrest assures that everything will be done to protect you and your rights. A criminal attorney will consider all of your options, represent your best interest and during court proceeding, you will not be alone.
Private attorneys, public defenders, district attorneys and municipal and superior court judges refer the vast majority of clients to our program. Most offenders state having their own attorney makes them feel more comfortable in knowing someone is on their side, someone to ask questions and to express their thoughts.

Q. Am I a potential client for BMG?
  • If you have been arrested or detained for a crime, resulting in a misdemeanor or a felony charge.
  • If you are about to go to court in the near future for a crime.
  • If the court will give you the opportunity for alternative sentencing.
  • If you have been sentenced to counseling.
  • If you have a probation officer who wants you to go to counseling.
  • If you have an attorney, who is representing you for your crime.

Q. I have been caught for theft, why do I need this theft program? 
A. For many years, merchants have looked away from the crime and absorbed their losses to theft offenders. It is no longer a small problem, but an epidemic and the store no longer looks the other way. Stores lose billions of dollars to shoplifting, yet more comes employee theft. Stealing does not mean you are a bad person or cannot be trusted. Many individuals need support along with the right facts to balance their way of thinking. Finally yet importantly, when an offender appears in court and has pre-enrolled in counseling, shows the court they are remorseful for their actions and want help to prevent future occurrences.

Q. How long will it take to go through the basic program?
A. The standard program will take approximately twelve weeks. Other programs offered take from twenty-six to fifty-two weeks in length. It is very important that you call BMG immediately to assure adequate time to complete. The program has to match the severity of the crime to assure the court satisfaction. New for shoplifting only, there is a shorter diversion program available.  

Q. Will this help my case?
A. In the majority of cases, rehabilitation/educational programs help reduce fines, restitutions, community service and jail time. Statistics showing courts are becoming more cooperative to rehabilitation when the client is willing to take the necessary steps for self-improvement. Our reputation for excellent service in the field of behavioral modification will be an important tool for your attorney in your defense.

Q. What if I do not live in the Los Angeles area?

A. BMG is structured to accommodate and assist long distance, out of state or international cases. We provide our HELP program and counseling via telephone or VOIP interface.  Please understand these are for unusual circumstances and can only be provided with attorney or court approval.  

Client Feedback

1.  This program has been enormously helpful because it organizes not only information but defines the emotional/behavioral/psychological factors that lead to behavior. Increased understanding leads to hope for change: and yields determination. I wish that more people had access to the information and it saddens me to think that this program is not available to people with fewer resources than my own. I looked for groups and centers that would address this problem for a very long time, to no avail (AA, NA, GA, and DA) and received no useful references. For this reason, I would hope that the information might be more effectively applied to all the levels of retailers, law enforcement agencies, the judicial system, schools, churches, and self-help groups. Those of us with a propensity for compulsive behaviors might benefit as soon as possible from a heightened understanding of the source and more importantly the tools that encourage and support the permanent modification of such behaviors. I also think that once exposed to the information and resources, the offender should pursue avenues that included ongoing treatment and support. The long-term programs imposed by court or retailer in exchange, or as a condition of probation/sentence. (Thank you, JM/Adult Theft Offender)
2.  I always felt angry, even with myself. I took it out on myself and anyone who came into my path at home, the street, in my car or work. I realize that with a few changes and time to work things out, I began to feel better, less stressed, most of all, I stopped the rage. The day I enrolled, I was enraged because of the money and time. I hated the system. I now know the system cared enough to help me. I thank BMG for my life back. I have a good job and things at home are much better. My smile is back. (WH/Adult Anger Management)
3.  Felt this Home Evaluation Learning Program was very helpful. It helps one understanding their self and understanding their mistakes in first time shoplifting. I still ask myself how did this happened, I always thought I was a good person. All I can say, it will never happen again. Reading the educational program while attending counseling, has helped me learn and understand myself. (BO/Adult Theft Offender (Senior Citizen)
4.  This is a good program; it is both helpful and educational. I actually enjoyed this program. It was able to put information into ways that is not boring. In addition, the information was valuable and I learned a lot about myself and the crime of shoplifting. (SM/Juvenile Theft Offender)
5.  I was referred to BMG for road rage. When the judge recommended BMG, I thought it would be easy and have little to do. Wrong, the manual took a while to do and then came counseling. The manual was easy and explains a lot about behavior and how I can make better choices. I learned a lot, counseling was the best. I thought it was going to be like my last therapy. My counselor at BMG never said I was wrong, but helped me understand why I did not want be like that anymore. She helped me, my marriage, and how to be happy without anger. (HW/Adult Anger Management)

Referral Sources

  • Private Attorney
  • District Attorney
  • Probation Department (AB109 Program)

  • Parole Department
  • Prosecuting Attorney
  • Retail Stores / Merchants

  • Judges and Court Administrators
  • Law Enforcement Agency
  • Los Angeles Mental Health
We are servicing courts from:
  • Los Angeles County, Ca.
  • Orange County, Ca.
  • Ventura County, Ca.

  • San Diego County, Ca.
  • Riverside County, Ca.
  • San Francisco, Ca.

  • Kern County, Ca.
  • San Bernardino County, Ca.
Court appointed clients from other states:

Out of State, as well as international Courts: 
  • Arizona
  • District of Columbia
  • Nevada

  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Texas

  • Washington
  • England


All programs are offender paid. Having a client or offender pay for their education and treatment is an important part of rehabilitation. Offender paid programs helps the client or offender take responsibility for their actions and enhances the value placed on the program. Making a client pay for the program, does not impose any financial burden on the court or community. In addition to the a formal structured program, ongoing support is offered to offenders who have successfully completed the program. Additional counseling beyond the standard curriculum ordered or requested by the court or referral for extended support, counseling or monitoring requires additional fees. All rates and payment plans for additional services are based upon case circumstances.